Using the Spotlunch Planner

Confused about the Spotlunch Planner? Please use this little tutorial to be a pro..

Once you click on the “Plan your lunch”, you will be taken to a page similar to the following.

Spotlunch Planner page

Click on the Choose days and select your available dates. Make sure you click on submit to save your selections.

Planner - date selection

Next, click on “choose restaurants”.  Click on “Select Restaurants” to bring up the restaurant search option.

spotlunch restaurant selection


If you don’t have the correct location selection, click on “change location” to select a new location.

spotlunch planner - restaurant selection

Once the location is selected, click on “back to search”  and enter the type of restaurant that you want to search for.

spotlunch restaurant selection

You can select up to 3 restaurants.

spotlunch restaurant selectionPlease make sure you save the restaurant selections.

restaurant selection

Wait for all other members of the lunch group to make their selections. Once all selections are in, Spotlunch will suggest the best date and restaurant option. If you want to communicate with other members, use the “Add comment” option.

Tag your interests – new feature

The title is kind of self explanatory, but if you would like a little more explanation, here it is!

Spotlunch is all about creating groups of people who can meet for lunch and network. Wouldn’t it be nice if they have some common interests? That’s exactly what this new feature would do. From your account page, you can access “my tags” page where you can select your interests. You can add your interests too.

Once you do this, rest assured you will find something in common with everybody in your lunch group!

spotlunch tags

(Spotlunch is a platform for face-to-face networking through lunch. Please see faq for more details)

Spotlunch planner

You joined a Spotlunch community and got the email about your first lunch group! What next? You need to plan the lunch. To help you with this, we have a new tool called Spotlunch Planner. Here is how it works.

Once you login to Spotlunch, you will be automatically taken to the planning page for your next lunch. Here you can choose your available dates and cuisine preferences. Select as many choices as you would like.

In the example above, the light blue color indicates selected dates of the user (05/16, 05/18 and 05/19) in the calendar. Cuisine preferences of the user are also shown. On the right side, you can see if other lunch group buddies have made their choices.

Once all members of the group make their selections, the planner will automatically find the earliest date that will work for all. It will also provide a consolidated list of cuisine preferences.

This is how the final planner would look.

complete planner

Now the lunch date is finalized and cuisine preferences of all members are known. For additional planning like picking a restaurant or car pooling, use the comment box.


Any feedback on improving Spotlunch Planner? Do let us know!