Where Facebook falters ..

Facebook has revolutionized the way we communicate, but not without limitations. According to research, social networking sites like Facebook and LinkedIn are great at two things. They help us keep in touch with existing friends. Secondly, they allow us to reintegrate our networks so that, rather than having several disconnected subsets of friends, we can build one virtual community.

The research by Robin Dunbar who is a professor of evolutionary anthropology at Oxford shows that making new friends require considerable emotional investment and face-to-face interaction. He says, “emotional closeness declines by around 15 percent a year in the absence of face-to-face contact, so that in five years someone can go from being an intimate acquaintance to the most distant outer layer of your friends”.

The idea of Spotluch is to make people meet in person. In that respect, Spotlunch is a nice compliment to existing social networks.

The new formula for power networking – Make new friends through Spotlunch and keep in touch with them through Facebook.

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